Body Double: casting the human form

For: students will some glass or sculpting experience
Tutor: Brenda Page

Course Outline

   This comprehensive workshop covers everything you will need to know to make casts of the human body. This intensive 6 day workshop breaks down complicated mould making techniques into manageable projects.  Projects can be used to create sculptures in glass or other materials at a later date.

Students will learn how to use a variety of materials suitable for casting various parts of the anatomy including: body safe silicon, alginate and plaster bandage. From these casts we will work through a variety of traditional sculpting/ mould making techniques to create master moulds, slumping and casting moulds.

Over the duration of the workshop each student will cast their face, part torso and either a hand or foot. Each component will then be used to work through various techniques to come to a point where we can use them to produce either a cast or slumped version in glass.

Face mould: Don’t worry this is completely safe!!!  Silicon will be used to take a detailed cast of the face and neck.  Although this is not a full head cast the techniques learnt can easily be translated to do so in your own studio. From this cast student will pour a master positive of their face, this will then be used to create two very different moulds: a casting mould for a 3d glass face and a slump mould that can be used repeatedly to slump glass over.  Students will cast a solid 3d glass in class.

To see the process check out our YouTube video

Torso cast: Using plaster bandages students will have an impression taken of part of their torso, back, leg or arm.  Students will work in groups of three to produce a mould of each other, ideally we will be looking to cast a frontal body cast from waist to neck, and yes you will be wearing a singlet or bather top! For those who are uncomfortable exposing too much flesh, don’t fear you can cast an arm or leg, entirely up to you.  From these torso casts we will explore working with release agents to work plaster on plaster.


Hand or foot cast: Using alginate a cast of either your hand or foot will be taken, this will then be translated into a 3d wax model which will be used to create a refractory mould in which we will cast glass.  

Students will leave with:

  • A master silicon mould of their face
  • A master positive in plaster of their face
  • A reusable clay mould suitable for slumping of their face *
  • A solid cast glass model of their face*
  • A master positive of their torso in plaster
  • Glass model of a hand or foot. *

Please note: items with an * will not be available for pick-up until at least two weeks after class completion, for those students who live outside Melbourne freight can be arranged. 

Firing schedules for glass will be covered in class. The course fee covers a $500 material fee for consumables used in class. Students will need to supply Bullseye glass suitable for casting, this is available for purchase from Blue Dog Glass.

Please note: This class does not cover genital casting and there in no full nudity. Students will be asked not to take photos of the body casting process for the privacy of other students.

Course Cost: $1570 ($550 dep required to secure a place balance due 18th Jan)
NOTE: Please read our class cancellations and transfers policies here
Contact Hours: (6 full days )

Sunday to Friday

9.30 am to 4pm daily

17th - 22nd March 2019

You will learn about:
traditional mould making techniques such as: silicon, alginate, plaster, plaster bandages, release agents, positive to negative moulds, plaster to plaster and clay moulds. Also covered glass specific moulding including: lost wax, refractory moulds, slump moulds and one piece pour moulds. OH & S relating to all materials worked with. Firing schedules. Safely working with products against the skin.

Class Materials

Please bring the following to class:
Please bring: Dust mask, old clothes suitable to work in while mould making, pen and paper, safety glasses, a single top or bathers that you are prepared to have damaged in the casting process, glass for casting (available from Blue Dog Glass).

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