Casting a perfect bowl

For: Beginners+

Course Outline

Running over three days this workshop covers aspects of lost wax casting while learning how to creating deep sided glass bowls. With most aspects of kiln forming we are limited to shallow bowls and platters, casting allows us to create forms that are not normally available to us. Building the form in wax allows you to create deep sided and/or elaborately formed bowls, these are then cast in a refractory mould and hot glass is cast into the cavity during the fringing process.

In class we will cover modeling in wax, making refractory moulds, preparing the mould for firing, casting in a kiln and basic finishing of the glass. Students will make two bowls. All materials are included in the class fee, students will need to provide Bullseye glass for their projects; approx $80+ 



Course Cost: $595
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Contact Hours: (3 x full days )

Wednesday, Thursday and Friday

10am - 4.30pm


You will learn about:
17th - 19th October

Class Materials

Please bring the following to class:
Students will need to wear suitable clothing: covered shoes, long pants and an apron or overshirt. dust mask, safety glasses. pen and notepad. camera