Exploring the Spaces with Leigh Camilleri

For: No experience required.
Tutor: Leigh Camilleri

Course Outline

Drawing can be a primary means of expression, it can transcend language and time. It has the potential to tell a story with connections to the artist, life and history. Drawing is not only analytical but expressive, it both documents a moment and tells a story . It is not simply a representation of something, it has connections to life.

This workshop will encourage participants to explore the potential of drawing regardless of the student’s level of experience. Through a series of experiments and conversations this workshop will delve into the complexity and delight that drawing can bring.

We will investigate design, texture, line, construction and form through observation. Investigation and experimentation is the basis for this 3 day workshop, reviewing many artist’ work that you may or may not know.

Each morning there will a life model for students to draw while the afternoon will be spent exploring still-life drawing, discussions and exercises.  This class is suitable for beginners.

About Leigh

I’m never without a sketchbook, I am constantly drawing, no excuses. Often the drawings are left in the sketchbook and other times they develop into more in-depth ideas and images. I use a camera but rarely use the images as reference, they exist as a backup to experience. Thus my work becomes fragments of time, objects, drawings, paintings and memories, all in collaboration.

Finding inspiration in the natural world, images develop into spaces that navigate living forms.
I have always been interested in the environment, in art, in drawing in particular and life in general.
Inevitably there is a connection between the environment, landscape and the human experience.

With a B.A. in Visual Communications from in Queensland College of Art, a B.A. and an MFA in Fine Art from the Queensland University of Technology.
Specialising in Multi-media and multi-disciplinary art forms. Leigh has a very formal background to art making and is the core of the development of her work, no matter how informal it may appear. She uses a variety of materials and processes in each project but her methodology is consistent. Leigh has had numerous solo exhibitions both in Australian and overseas, she has been a finalist in many prestigious drawing and painting shows. Her work is highly collected and represented in many private collections and can be viewed in public collections including: The Kudumba Drawing Collection, Redland City Collection,
Redcliffe City – Moreton Collection, Warner Brothers Collection

Course Cost: $750 (Deposit $250)
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Contact Hours: (3 days x 6.5 hours)

Sunday, Monday and Tuesday

9:30 - 4pm

22nd - 24th January 2017

You will learn about:
design, texture, line, construction and form through observation

Class Materials

Please bring the following to class:
Some drawing materials required TBA

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