marketing: the general do’s and don’ts

For: beginners
Tutor: Isy Laderman

Course Outline

General marketing tips for artists and crafts people, lead by one of Australia’s shining stars, Isy Laderman

  • Goals, breaking them down and marketing goals
  • Branding to a wider audience – social media
  • Perception and engagement… being out there and being seen.
  • DO YOU DARE TO BE seen? – Let alone shine? Dare to sparkle!

I look forward to a day of brainstorming, questions, answers and investigation.



About Isy

Isy Laderman deemed, “One of the big name entrepreneurs of Australian handmade retail” by Peppermint Magazine, Isy’s background in handmade and craft spans back to  day dot.
After recently selling in.cube8r Gallery, (the original of all no commission cube rental models in Australia) which she founded in 2007 after completing her Applied Arts degree in glass at Monash university, Isy is currently using that 9 years of market research through working with over 800 of Australia’s most wonderful crafters to give back by way of mentoring.
Isy witnessed over and over again where artists so often undersold themselves, got stuck, came unstuck, where they often didn’t know where to start and/or take a very long time to find their feet in trusting not only their product but the price they dare to charge… and just when they were about to take off they’d go into fear and fall over. – It’s with this understanding and knowledge she now works with one-on-one with women from home as well as being employed by the NEIS program 2 to 4 days per week as mentor and trainer teaching marketing and branding sessions all over Melbourne.

Isy built her Australian brand from scratch and franchised her business Australia wide.

I’m finding this incredibly rewarding and love the class discussions and intense stripping down to the core of what it really means to own and be fully present in a small business.

Course Cost: $60
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17th June

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Class Materials

Please bring the following to class:
pen, paper and questions

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