One Day plate making

For: beginners
Tutor: Brenda Page

Course Outline

This one day workshop guides you through the basics to produce two finished platters, bowls or plates using our stamples as starting points. Students will be taught how to cut and assemble glass so you can wow your family and fiends when you tell them you made it yourself. This class is suitable for absolute beginners. Cost of course does not include glass, approx $80 plus

Course Cost: $120
Contact Hours: (1 day)





10am – 3pm

10am – 3pm


19th May 2017

12th August 2017

You will learn about:
cutting glass, preparing glass for firing, design and talk on slumping

Class Materials

Please bring the following to class:
Suitable clothing: long pants, covered shoes and over-shirt. dust mask, safety glasses. Permanent marker, windex and papertowel. Glass- available for purchase from Blue Dog Glass.