Pattern Bars, Cut Ups & More

For: Students who have completed kiln formed glass level 1 and 2

Course Outline

Once you have mastered the basics of kiln forming it is time to move onto something that will enable you to create components to provide exciting new possibilities for patterns and design in your glass work . Learn how to create unique and complex patterns to enhance whatever scale you are working on, from platters to jewellery. You will make pattern bars & work with strips and random firings to cut up and experiment with, using multiple firings to create distinctive  effects. Pattern bars will be made from sheet glass and also scrap glass to create striking designs.

Emphasis will be on using the resulting glass creations to extend your design options, from jewelry to functional or sculptural works. You will learn how to hand cut thick glass and use the diamond saw to cut sections will also be covered. Students will need to provide some glass (appprox. $60+) to accomodate personal colour preferences.

Course Cost: $390
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Contact Hours: (3 x 3 hours )



2019 TBC

You will learn about:
Cutting pre-fired glass, using a diamond saw, preparing various forms of patterns in glass, daming and firing schedules.

Class Materials

Please bring the following to class:
• Dust mask • Safety glasses • Suitable working clothing (including closed shoes, long pants and an apron for over shirt) • Oil fed glass cutter (available from Blue Dog Glass $38) • Grozing pliers • Running pliers • Pencil and paper • Small ruler or measuring tape • Windex and paper towel • Scrap Bullseye Glass • Bullseye sheet glass available from Blue Dog Glass • 2mm fibre paper, some is provided in glass but students may choose to use more

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