Photoresist image making on glass (sandblasting)

For: beginners

Course Outline

In this class we will be looking at creating images using photoresist stencil material as a mask for sandblasting. Detailed images, text and patterns can be created on glass using this technique. Students will utilise our per-selected images and learn how to use a uv light to expose onto a uv sensitive film that adheres to the glass and creates a  stencil suitable for sandblasting. Students will make a variety of text tiles and one glass or bottle.  We will be looking at blasting though layers of irridised glass and powder layers, deep carving, imaging on a 3D object and working paints into blasted images. All materials other than a bottle or glass are included in the class fee.


Course Cost: $295
Contact Hours: (2 x 3hours )

Thursday Evenings


18th and 25th May

You will learn about:
2D AND 3D applications (Bullseye AND Glassware/bottles), Carving and surface texture, Line work and Inks, Powders and colour removal and irid textures. Expose of uv film, preparation of images, applying resist to glass, sandblasting techniques, fire polishing glass and cold finishing

Class Materials

Please bring the following to class:
dust mask, safety glasses, permanent marker, pen and paper, glass cutter and hand tools. Suitable clothing: long pants and covered in shoes. A glass bottle or smooth surfaced glass.