Tapestry:the integration of idea, design, colour, pattern and technique

For: Students with at lease 1 year experince working with glass
Tutor: Richard Parrish

Course Outline

Richard Parrish’s Tapestry bowls and wall panels are widely recognized for their intricate patterning and colouration. This new workshop will explore how an original idea develops into a comprehensive line of studio glass work. The Tapestry pieces rely on colour relationships, design and technique for success.


Workshop participants will make two finished pieces as a means of learning the major techniques for making these pieces as well as the subtleties of colour use and pattern making, The first piece will introduce the necessary techniques and initial colour pattern thoughts. The second piece will be a significant pieces carried through from beginning to finished piece to understand the importance of well-made and well-finished work. Additional small samples and pieces such as jewellery components will be introduced along the way,Participants in the workshop will learn why and how Richard makes his Tapestry pieces with the intent of introducing a way of thinking about and developing new work, whether it be large or small scale. It is based on a belief that work begins with the ideas and is supported by design and technical knowledge will be stronger, more personal and more original. To see more of Richard’s work visit his website http://www.fusiostudio.com/fusio_studio/home.html

All materials are included in this workshop.

Course Cost: $1390 ($590 dep required to secure a place, balance due 15th Dec 2017)
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Contact Hours: (4 full days )

Monday to Thursday

9.30 - 4pm

5th - 8th March 2018

You will learn about:

Class Materials

Please bring the following to class:
please bring: glass cutter and hand tools, personal protective equipment including safety glasses, dust mask and ear protection.