Master Classes

Rolling into Canberra

Tutor: Kirstie Rea and Tom Rowney
Course Cost: $2950 (deposit $650) balance due 25th June with payment plans an option
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  Students are presented with a unique opportunity to work with two of Australia‚Äôs premier glass artists; Tom Rowney and Kirstie Rea in the roll-up / cold working class. The roll-up (fused and blown process) technique has been adapted from… Read the Rest

Tall Vessel Forms with Amanda Simmons

Tutor: Amanda Simmons
Course Cost: $1420 ($680 dep required to secure a place, balance due 1st July 2018)
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In this five day workshop in kiln formed vessels, students will learn to create tall thin vessels whilst experimenting with opaque and transparent sheet glass colours to create new tones and subtle colour blending. Starting with the small ring vessels… Read the Rest

Working in shallow space: Bas relief kilnformed glass

Tutor: Richar Parrish
Course Cost: $1320 ($520 dep required balance due 15th Dec )
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Bas relief is found in the art and architecture of all cultures and has existed for thousands of years. It is a kind of carving or sculpture in which the figures are raised or depressed slightly from a flat background… Read the Rest

Tapestry:the integration of idea, design, colour, pattern and technique

Tutor: Richard Parrish
Course Cost: $1390 ($590 dep required to secure a place, balance due 15th Dec 2017)
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Richard Parrish’s Tapestry bowls and wall panels are widely recognized for their intricate patterning and colouration. This new workshop will explore how an original idea develops into a comprehensive line of studio glass work. The Tapestry pieces rely on colour… Read the Rest

Past Master Classes

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