• Vessel Forms and Powders with Amanda Simmons

      In this 5-day course in kiln formed vessels and glass powders, students will learn to create drop through vessels whilst experimenting with opaque and transparent powdered Bullseye Glass colours to create new tones, subtle colour blending and mark making.… Read the Rest

  • Painterly glass with Kari Minnick

    What is painterly glass? A two dimensional glass composition or panel using glass materials to achieve a painterly or painting-like quality. But…WE WILL NOT USE PAINT. We will use Bullseye glass, powder, frit and stringer to simulate paint and highlight… Read the Rest

  • Developing Ideas in Glass

    The initial workshop will explore the whole making process that we as artists engage in. Rather than focus on one specific glass technique, process or material we will work through a series of class projects that start with an idea,… Read the Rest

  • All rolled up: Kiln formed glass meets the furnace

    The roll-up technique has been adapted from Venetian murrine cane pick-up technique, used by glass blowers for centuries. Traditionally glass blowers would pick up pieces of pre-formed glass cane to decorate glass vessels. The adaptation of using pre-fused panels of… Read the Rest

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