Material Safety Data Sheets

Dura Thermtm 5G

Dura Therm is a thick dark liquid which is used as a bead release on the steel mandrels used for beadmaking. Packaged under the brand name “Choice”, it comes in a concentrated form which is easily mixed with water to the  desired consistency. It is economical and safer to prepare coming  in liquid form allowing finished beads to slide easily off the mandrel. However care needs to be taken when removing finished beads as the release will then be powdery.

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Fuse Master Super Spray

Fusemaster liquid can be sprayed or painted on glass surfaces to rectify or prevent  devitrification. It returns the surface of the glass to a glossy finish when fired between 705-945 degrees Celsius (1300-1700 degrees Fahrenheit).

Its low lead content makes it safe to use for  surfaces which will come in contact with food.

Safety Data Sheet ~ Download PDF

Hxtal NYL-1, Part A

Hxtal NYL-1 (pronounced hextal) is a non-yellowing two part museum grade epoxy resin. It is ideal for repairing glass, porcelain and stained glass restoration. When used thinly it will penetrate cracks and make them disappear. Many glass artists use Hxtal  to glue parts together to form glass art. The glue has a long curing rate but allows for repositioning and can still be used as it thickens. For a fuller description of instructions and tips  for using Hxtal go to

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Kiln Wash

Kiln Wash also called battwash or shelf primer is used to prevent glass sticking to the kiln shelves it is fired on. It is quite economical and a 5lb bucket of Bullseye primer will coat one hundred and fifty 129 square cm shelves.

The colour of the wash disappears on firing to let you know it has been used. For easy removal we recommend removing and re-coating shelves with every high firing.

Safety Data Sheet ~ DownloadPaper  PDF

Thinfire (Paper Ceraform M)

Thinfire (Paper Ceraform M) allows the smoothest finish for the bottom of fused glass projects. It is especially useful for jewellery and also any project requiring a fine finish. Some folk like it because it is quicker and easier than priming shelves. The Bullseye logo on the back provides an easy cutting guide. Thinfire is safe to cut before firing but care must be taken after firing. See safety sheet.

Safety Data Sheet ~ Download PDF


Glastac is a Bullseye glue used to lightly tack glass pieces in position before firing. Slow drying allows for repositioning of glass as you work.  It is also handy to hold powder and frit in place. Use this water based glue sparingly for full burnout. Glastac is available in 120ml and 950 ml bottles.

Safety Data Sheet ~ Download PDF

Heraeus High/Low Fire Printing Inks

Inks are used for screen and other print applications and are available for either high-fire or low-fire kiln temperatures. Standard colours available are: black, white, red, blue, yellow and is sold in 100ml quantities.

Safety Data Sheet ~ Download PDF

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