Woodlands#1 Framed Glass panel – Grace Turner (Copy)


A glass panel with multiple layers of fused glass, revealing screen printed imagery and powders.
The panel is framed ready to hang. It can also sit securely on your sideboard, side table, mantel piece or windowsill.
Frame measures 25cm x 15cm x 5cm deep.

Grace Turner – Bio

Art has forever been a large part of my life.  Always creating in a range of media and methods including ceramics, fibre, printmaking and glass, my perception and interpretation of our environment has been depicted in many forms.

Through teaching Design for over 30 years, as well as some time for travel, I have been exposed to a constant source of inspiration for a diverse application of colour, shape and form.

Colour is the most predominant feature of my work. Through colour, I find that I can create abstracted images, which draw parallels to rural and urban environments. Yet, at other times, I thoroughly enjoy playing with colour purely for its own sake.

I am an Australian artist and live in the city of Melbourne.  Using inspiration from nature around me, I work from my studio at home, drawing, designing, cutting glass, kiln firing each piece (sometimes numerous times at various temperatures), and screen printing to create glass art pieces and jewellery. I hope my work can instil into others a sense of serenity and as well as an enjoyment of art regardless of the piece being wearable, functional or decorative.

NOTE: Shipping / delivery to your destination will be organised between you and the artist after sale.

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